Chatbox unmonitored

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Although the leading ISP, America Online, has long used filtering software to market itself to its 30 million subscribers, Earthlink has kept itself out of the filtering debate by appealing to Web-savvy surfers who don't need to be coddled.

An Earthlink spokesman said the company had been mulling for more than a year whether to offer the service to its 4.8 million subscribers, as porn sites and spam continue to proliferate and clutter the Web."I think any parent who's Internet-savvy knows there's a lot of opportunities on the Internet for kids to go into the wrong areas," said Arley Baker.

Some examples of which are sports chat rooms, car repair chat rooms, IT tech support chat rooms and emotional support chat rooms.

To join a chat room, you'll need to pick a nickname or a ‘handle’.

They’re like a virtual party or seminar, where people can discuss sports, ask for advice, or talk about shared hobbies and interests.Sites that have educational value but may be disturbing to children, such as Holocaust-related material, are judged on an individual basis.A test of the browser found that patently naughty words are blocked from the search engine, but so was "breast cancer."The technology also filters content within websites: Wired News was accessible via the browser, but the headline for a story about a debate in the Supreme Court over depictions of sex between minors in movies was changed from "High Court Tackles Kid Porn" to "High Court Tackles Kid ****." The story itself was blocked.A) it's a cost effective strike release, and also it has an incredibly strong holding force as well.An early morning lightning strike in August cut short my astronomy for a while.