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The technology that powers texts allows people to put custom names in when they send messages – allowing people to easily pretend to be Google, Apple or anybody else.

As such, the main thing is to never give any information over text message, and only use it as a way of showing alerts.

Increasingly, SMS messages are being used as a way of duping people into giving up their online accounts, and out of their identities and their money.

Many of those messages arrive looking perfectly innocent, and even useful.

It seemed that if one wanted to gather up the tricks, rules, and insights to live like Rob Gronkowski, the person with perhaps the most public, unburdened, absurd sense of fun in America, the best place to do it would be Miami.

So we made a plan to do everything a person should do on summer vacation: walk around Miami Beach, meet some models, take our shirts off, eat lots of lean protein, do tequila shots, breakdance, and go totally HAM on some cardio.

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The next text message you receive could ruin your life.The bits and vignettes too bizarre to land a plum, post-monologue or pre-Weekend Update spot in the running order, are instead slotted into SNL’s infamous 10-to-1 position—so named because what’s typically the last sketch in any given episode begins at roughly a.m.Any number of scenes and characters have befuddled the show’s live audience in this position; much rarer are those characters, like Bill Braksy’s Buddies, that vault from a 10-to-1 debut to recurring-sketch status.But they could be incredibly dangerous – and so it’s important to make sure to know how to spot them.One of the major problems with such scams is that it is now relatively easy to pretend to be someone else, over text.