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Lucas Duda, Wilmer Flores, Travis d’Arnaud, Asdrubal Cabrera and Yoenis Cespedes were all laid up with one problem or another, but despite knowing they would be without all five for at least the series opener and likely all weekend, the Mets opted to put only Duda (hyperextended left elbow) and Flores (infection) on the disabled list.The result: a short bench for all three games, in which d’Arnaud (wrist) was limited to pinch-hitting duties and Cespedes (hamstring) didn’t appear once.Perhaps due to its crucial function, the b/l has still not found its place in a paperless world.A Korean seller of folding ladders had bribed the carriers local agent in Korea, who issued bills of lading stating to have loaded on board 44 containers with folding ladders. The Supreme court attributed this fraud in the bill of lading to the carrier, such in light of the overriding principle in maritime law and in the interest of international trade, a third party bill of lading holder must be able to trust the correctness of it and be protected if it is not.out of its last 11, dropping the team to 8–13—wasn’t just a mark on the wrong side of the ledger.It was the culmination of a brutal week of injuries, nonsense and the kind of general dysfunction that has marked the franchise more or less nonstop for the last two decades.You then become eligible for a premium tax credit and other savings on a Marketplace plan, if you qualify based on your income.If you qualify for this SEP, you'll have 60 days to enroll in a Marketplace plan.

If you are not claiming benefits, but you move within two (2) years from the date of your claim, you must still notify the agency of your address change.

The carrier had to reimburse the bill of lading holder for the shortage of 35 containers.. The b/l may come in the hands of a person who is not the rightful holder and not entitled to take delivery of the goods.

Or a person presents a false b/l (better: a fictitious b/l or non-document) to the sea carrier.

Under English law, such fraude proof b/ls seem to have been accepted by the courts, in which the English House of Lords held that the deliberately wrong dating of a b/l by the loading broker of the carrier is no reason to release the issuing bank from paying out under the letter of credit.

Backdating of a b/l may seem very harmless, yet in trade a difference of one day can make a big difference as prices may go up and down heavily on a daily basis.