Most intimidating last names

This is the only acceptable name for a child I looked at this and laughed. Because that's the name of my favorite character from a game... Her and her brother Star Destroyer 9000 will be thrilled!

This is the best thing I've ever seen Moon Moon Dante Thanks I don't know if ill make it but I intend to make anime later but I just thought up something new this bladdass black kid that fights for what he believes in I don't want to spoil much unless it gets made I still want to add more to it or see if there's anything better but this set me on the right track (this is good now I don't feel racist for not having a show with a black main character now I do) Dante is a name that just sounds awesome, has badass characters wielding that same name, and is a name that is just dripping with class. Totally badass, sounds nice and sweet with the first part "Sky", then more defined with "lar" added to the end. It's mysterious and awesome My names Jade, I was looking through this for a story I'm writing then I saw my own name and was like yass Hunter I'm a girl and my name is Hunter. I think it catches people off guard when I introduce myself. It's masculine for a guy, but I am a very girly girl and its still fitting. It's a whole different story My best friend is named Tim, but he sometimes get called Timmy. I saw this innocent name, and thought, this must go up with the legends. I'm just warning you but if you don't want to listen to me you will see how some mean Arab people are going to laugh Seriously?!?! ~ The introduction of last names became extremely important, because it was getting very difficult to distinguish between individuals with the same first names.~ Today, the French generally have one, two, or more names.Only the first name is used on a daily basis, and the remaining two are only used when the individual is dealing with social documentation.