Or invalidating

Women have been shamed around menstruation in myriad ways for generations, from banishment to the “red tent” during menses, to being subject to the question, “Is this your time of the month? Recent iterations of these misogynistic attitudes include i Phone apps intended for (ostensibly male) partners of cycling women who wish to be alerted when their partners are nearing “danger weeks”.

These apps exemplify the spirit of menstrual shaming: women are disgusting/worthless when they are menstruating, and their expressions of emotion are not to be trusted perimenstrually (i.e., prior to or during menses).

I want to use a word to describe something that has not been validated.

Invalidated strikes me to mean made invalid, while Unvalidated makes me think: not validated. Is unvalidated correct, or do I want a different word?

or invalidating-45

let product ID = //save a copy of the ID in case 'product' gets deleted. Realm() let db Product = realm.object For Primary Key(DBProduct.self, key: product ID) if db Product !

Scale Arc’s RESTful cache management API calls, or the cache management UI which is powered by the same APIs, let you clear cache at multiple levels.

You can choose to clear or invalidate queries related to a specific cache pattern within a specific database, or you can clear the cache for the whole database or a whole cluster with a single API call.

For example, if a logistics platform receives new location data every morning at 6 AM on workdays, you could schedule the system to automatically clear all cache related to the logistics database, or to a specific table, automatically every day at 6 AM using the Scale Arc cache management scheduler.

Last, but not the least, Scale Arc lets you control cache functions using query hints or comments.