There was an error updating the deduplication volume

Once it's finished, and differentely from what it's stated on Veeam blog, I don't see any size improvement for the backups, because the amount of disk space used stays roughly the same, 14 gigs...This means to me that VDR deduplication is quite efficient and the Windows Deduplication engine can't add much gain to it.Postgre SQL or any other deduplication service startup issues due to registry set incorrectly. This can be compared with another working system if available: File named 'Backup' under Program Files\Symantec\ or under the folder where Backup Exec is installed might create a problem for Postgre SQL service startup and cause a failure during the deduplication folder creation/re-creation.Remove/Rename if such a file exists at the said path.Both of these VM's have Windows Server 2012 Data Deduplication running, When I added protection I got a warning that, "The volume that you are trying to protect has Windows Deduplication on, which may cause issues with accessing the data." I was able to complete adding of protection but completed it paused until I can get some answers.We have a third party setting up the new Virtual servers and assisting with the migration of data, so at this point no one has been able tell me why deduplication is enabled, and whether it need to remain enabled post migration. Enable-Dedup Volume C: -Usage Type Default Enable-Dedup Volume : MSFT_Dedup Volume.

If any one does not start, then following can be checked: 1.

Backup Exec Deduplication Engine may not start if any bin or bhd file goes missing from Dedupe\Data folder.

The Data folder contains all containers (bin and bhd) which houses the unique segments).

Many of the new features in Windows Server 8 will deliver immediate benefits to server administrators.

One of those features that I learned about at the Windows Server 8 Reviewers Workshop last week is a deduplication engine that can be enabled for NTFS volumes.

There was an error updating the deduplication volume