Wireless says validating identity

The Secretary of Defense has embraced public key cryptography as a critical component of defense-in-depth and contributor to the overall Department of Defense information assurance (IA) strategy for protecting its information and networks.

Do D Instruction 8520.2, "Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Public Key Enabling (PKE)" establishes the requirements for PK-enabling all email, private web servers and networks.

The term "practice" refers to technologies and procedures.CLO provides two-factor strong authentication and provides a higher level of assurance than traditional passwords.Multiple network defense exercises have shown that passwords are a weak link because they are easy to share, not hard to gather through social engineering efforts, and are easy to break using advanced password cracking tools.For example, "use Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) security" is a technology best practice, whereas "train employees not to connect to ad hoc WLANs" is a procedural best practice.Network discovery Network intruders use a variety of methods to discover the existence of WLANs and their corresponding service set identifiers (SSIDs).